His Maid Episode 1

👩🏻‍🏭HIS MAID👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Collaboration story✍️

🔞Episode one🔞

😲[you’re fired]😲


“you are fired!”,I heard him yell, as I walked in with his dad, Mr Arson.

Mr Arson, is the father to that morron yelling

My dad borrowed a lot of money from him, in order to open the bakery shop we work on.

My dad had been owing for a year now, so Mr arson decides to take me to his psycho son to treat his madness…….I mean to work for him.

I heard a lot of stories about him, mason.

It is said that he is a Casanova, and no worker lasts up to a month with him

We shall see about that!..

Hey, you!

F*ck you!

Well, that’s how my life is, the crazy type, am gonna kick his butt.

I am Kylie, though from a poor home, I have very high esteem. I don’t take shit from anybody.

We walked to where he sat, plates were on the floor broken.

The lady he yelled at, ran off.

“son, I told you to stop being rude to women, in fact everyone”,his dad scolded.

“dad, I don’t wanna talk about this, and who is this THING you brought here?”,he asked, shooting me a disgusting look.

Did he just call me thing?

Wait first, let your father go.


“well, she is gonna be working here, alongside other maids”,his dad said.

“oh, so this THING will be working here?”,he asked.

This guy is stepping on my foot.

How dare he refer to me as thing?

“yes, I have a journey back to California, so behave”,his dad said and left.

Now over to this idiot!

“hey, clean up this mess”,he said, and was about to leave.

I dragged him by his shirt, and he turned with duty, as he was about hitting me, I landed s punch on his stomach.

He shrieked in pain.

I kicked his butt hard, then I rubbed his face all over the poured food on the floor.

“where i come from,that’s how I say hello”,I replied, and passed over him.

“so, where is my room?”,I asked.

“you’re fired”,he yelled.

I quickly picked up the jar of water on the table and poured the contents on him.

“why did you pour me water?”,he asked, yelling.

“you said you ate on fire, so I wanted you to be on water”,I replied.

“now, where is my room?”,I asked.


T b c

Don’t worry, next time, it won’t be short.

✍️Collaboration story✍️

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