His Maid Episode 10

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(Unbreakable bond)

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🔞Episode ten🔞


I walked to mason’s room, when Alyssa called out to me.

I turned to her direction.

She beckoned me to come, which I obliged reluctantly.

We entered my room, and I locked the door behind.

“what is it? Didn’t you see am in the middle is something?”,I asked.

“your talking about yourself, am already fed up here”,she grumbled

“keep quiet, you have to finish what we started”,I replied.

“i don’t think I can. I mean, that bitch of a girl is already pissing me off on my first day”,she replied.

“why did you then think I called you here? To help me of course. Both of us will make her life here a living hell”,I replied, and she smirked.

“ok”,she replied.

“ok, am off to please my baby”,I replied in a sexy tone, and twisted my body as if he was already touching me.

I walled inside the room, and the lights suddenly turned off.

Well, its a good thing.

I could still see his figure on the bed.

I can’t wait for him to devour me.

I sexily walked to his bed and romanced his body.

He turned me over, and trailed kisses to my neck region.

Gosh ! How I wish I can look at his handsome face while he is doing this.

He undressed me and fumbled my b**bs.

I moaned in pleasure.

Then, the lights turned on, I looked at the his face, oh my gosh.

This is not mason, its someone else that I don’t know.

I sprang up from the bed,and covered my nakedness.

I tried to open the door but it was locked from oustside.

Who did this???

The strange man kept coming closer………. Closer



I was in the kitchen when one of the maids told me that she saw Jemima heading towards mason’s room.

I peeped through, and she was right, then, all of a sudden the new maid called her.

What will she want to do with Jemima?

As they walked into Jemima’s room, I ran up sneakily, to eaves drop on their conversation.

Oh really? Join forces against me?

Seduce mason???

Okay! We shall see!

I quickly called some of my truster maids to help me execute a plan.

We dragged mason to the warehouse, then replaced Anson with someone else.

We also turned off the lights, so she wont be able to identify the person.

She’ll get the shock of her life!


I heard her banging the door.

“master planner”,one of the maids praised, and we high five each other.

She’ll stay there till tomorrow morning.

I went to my room, and had a sound sleep.

🌹The next morning🌹

I woke up pretty early, unlocked the door, and sent the man our through the window, then I went back to my room.

Few minutes later someone barged into my room, while I pretended I was fast asleep.

“hey wake up”.

Oh its Jemima!

“i said wake up”,she yelled, hitting me harshly.

I used my legs to hit her, in pretence that I was yawning and turning.

She held her arms in pain.

She dragged me by the hair, and I landed her three hot slaps.

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