His Maid Episode 11-12

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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🔞 Episode eleven🔞

🌹 Kylie 🌹

After giving her the slap of her life,she was so shocked.

“That’s what u get for dragging my hair and are you about to cry honey. aww… sorry do you need to clean those tears.. here’s a tissue for you”,I told her mockingly.

“You dare slap me you rotten bitch”, …she said.

“So you have the guts to talk back maybe you need to learn some lessons…..

I dragged Jemima by d hand and twisted it at her back….

“Please stop ur hurting me owww….please”, she cried.

“You know what to say sugar”,I told her

“I’m sorry”,..she said….

“I’m not hearing you”,I told her.

“I’M SORRY!!!!!!!”,She shouted

I let go of her hand.

“Now get out of here”,I told her and she ran away.

Wow dat felt good.

I better release Mason before he starts crying like a baby .

..I laughed.

🌹 Jemima 🌹

I rushed out of the room.

Date girl is a menace!

How could Mason’s dad employ that witch and Mason behaves like the maid not the boss when she is there…..

oh my gosh wat I’m I going to do?

ughhhhh !

maybe I’ll tell Mason dat he should fire her but where is Mason?

I checked everywhere but couldn’t find him…..


Where am I…… ughhhhh who put me here

Hello anybody here …. somebody get me out of here

“why are u not crying…”.

I should have known better.

“Get me outta here”,I shouted.

“Hello who are you?????”,she asked.

“Its me ur boss duhhhhh”,I replied, annoyed.

“uhmn, am not sure. Okay, what’s my name?”,she asked.

“Ohhh u kyleen, no Kyla, no Kyle ughhhhh”,I grunted.

“For the last time my name is KYLIE get dat straight into your thick skull idiot…”, she said.

Ughhhhh whatever!

then she opened the door and dragged me by my ear.

“now what’s my name?”,she asked.

“Ow ow ow its Kyle no I mean kyleen,no no its Kylie”,I groaned.

“Good ! well I’m going”,she said.

“Pls untie me …”,I added please.

“Ughhhhh fine”,she said,she untied me then I when she released me,I stood up and she was looking at me with a disgusting eye.

What did I do now?

She rolled her eyes.

“Let’s go so u direct the way missy…”,she hissed and went. Then I followed her at her back and was pretending to strangle her.

Then we went out of the warehouse and went to the house.

Finally!! I went to take my shower then I saw Jemima and rolled my eyes wondering what she was doing here and didn’t bother asking her and quickly left before she could sight me…….

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👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

🔞Episode twelve🔞


I dressed up.

Guess what? I am going out to have efun, but mostly for shopping.

I had this I’m mind a long time a ago, but I didn’t have any money.

Remember the kiss that I gave to mason?

It was all in disguise of taking his credit card.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell you how I got his password, I don’t want to learn bad thing.

I walked downstairs, and Jemima was chatting with the so-called maid Alyssa.

I walked passed them without uttering a single word

“hey maid, get us water”,Jemima said.

“the senseless being sitting close to you is also a maid if am not mistaken”,I retorted.

“hey, just shut that trash of yours okay?’,Alyssa said.

Ok, outing can wait till evening.

I dropped my bag and walked over to her.

“she stared at me and sighed

Alright! Keep sighing!

I passed to their greatest shock and went to the kitchen.

I brought the glass of water, and added a sleeping pill in it.

I handed it to them.

They stared at me suspiciously.

They didn’t want to drink the water

“uhmn, am sorry for the way I talk to you guys. I want us to be in good terms”,I said, smiling.

“goood, well, we’ll thin about what you said”,Jemima said.

I could see that they are no longer suspicious.

They gulped in the water.


After an hour, they slept off.

I dragged them, and put them inside the booth of the car.

I sneaked inside mason’s room while he was taking a shower, and took the car keys.

I drove off to a deserted place, and dumped them there.

That will teach them not to mess with me.

I drove to the park, bought ice-cream and sat down, watching the kids play.

Some couples asked me to take a pic of them, which I did.

I sat down, still licking my ice-cream.

”hi dear”,a male voice said.

I turned to him, and shot him an annoyed look.

“hey chill, I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful, I would like us to be friends”,he said.

“i am not interested”,I replied rudely.

“i won’t leave until you say yes”,he said, and sat down.

Look at this guy!

Yeah! I won’t deny it, he’s handsome, but I hate desperate men.

“please leave”,I said, getting pissed.

“No, I won’t”,he said.

Okay then!

“ok, come let’s go for a short drive”,I said, smiling.

“no problem, I didn’t bring my car”,he said

“oh not a prob. I have mine”,I replied, and he entered.

I drove to a far place

“do you know your way back, you have been following many routes”,he said.

“oh yeah”,I lied.

“oh good, cause I don’t know this place, and am not with my cell phone”,he replied.

That’s great!

OK“, come down”,I said.

“uhmn here? Its so quiet and deserted”,he said

“trust me”,I said, and hr came down.

Immediately he stepped down, I drove away, leaving him there.

He’s lucky its an area, I should have taken him to a forest.

I went to the mall and did some shopping.

Mason will be mad when he finds out I transfered all his money into my acct.

I got home, and an angry looking face was staring at me.

“where is it?”,mason asked angrily.

“uhmn here”,I said, handing him the car keys.

“this is not heat am talking about! My credit card”,he half yelled.

“and who said I took that?”,I lied.

He looked at em angrily.

“i found it in the car”,I replied

He smiled, well tay face won’t last when he finds out its empty.

“oh, you refuse to take the car keys, so this cat is now mine”,I replied and ran in, before he could utter a word.

🌹Early in the morning🌹

“KYLIE”,someone screamed .

Who could that be?

Mason, Alyssa or Jemima

Drop your comments.

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