His Maid Episode 13

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🌹Episode thirteen🌹

😁Kylie 😁

“KYLIE!”. someone yelled my name. I sat up on the bed as I groaned.

Who the fuck is disturbing my beauty sleep.

I get off the bed and walk to the bathroom. I pack my hair into a ponytail and wash my face.

“KYLIE!”. The voice called out again, i dab my face with a towel and walk out of my room.

I don’t answer those who yell my name like that.

I walk into the living room to see the dweebs yelling my name.

I met Mason with an angry face… Jemima and Alyssa…..

I try to hold back my laughter but failed….

“What the fuck did you do to them….” Mason asks.

He was really angry….like I care.

I plump on the couch and grab the remote and began to tuned the tv endlessly.

“You don’t wanna know Mason…it’s my magic” I say and chuckled.

Jemima and Alyssa shoots me glares.

“And where is all the cash in my account Kylie!”. Mason asked.

I place my legs on the table.

“Oops….sorry about that Mason. I used them to do a lot of personal stuffs….and….you’re a rich guy…so it ain’t nothing to you.” I said and winked at him.

Mason grits his teeth.

“Who the fuck do you think you are maid…. coming here and trying to boss us around”,Jemima asked.

she’s gonna regret that cos I will deal with her later.

” And who the hell do you think you are bitch cos the last time I checked…. you’re just a cheap slut trying to wrap you arms around mason”,Jemima said, and i grinned.

I pretended as if all of them weren’t even in existence as I laughed at the cartoon I was watching.

“ARE YOU MAD?”,Jason asked angrily.

“wrong question Jason. SHE IS MAD”,Jemima said.

“Oh really?”,I asked.

“yes Kylie. YOU ARE MAD”,they echoed.

Ok, I will show them whose mad.

Mason asked Jemima and Alyssa to freshen up.

They left, but not without shooting me an annoyed look.

“Kylie… you’re returning all the cash back into my account. There ain’t gonna be two ways about that”,mason half yelled.

“And what if I don’t… I mean there are a lot of people out there who needs the cash than you do. All you spend your money on is club and bitchy sluts”,I retorted.

“I’m your boss Kylie….and you should fucking treat me as such”, he replied and I scoff.

“Then I think you need to have a rethink cos you behave like an arrogant dick…not a boss”,i defended.

Mason was almost loosing it.

“Watch your damn tongue Kylie….or else….”. I stand up and walk up to him.

I fold my arms and eye him up and down.

“Or else what .. you wanna beat me?…. cos all I can see is a little kid who ain’t got any nerves”,I replied.

we’re only inches apart.

I can hear his breath as I stare straight into his teal blue eyes. He leans in…. dangerously close.

There was an awkward silence. He leans in to kiss me….someone gasps behind me and I turn to see Jemima standing at the door way with tears in her eyes….

“Fuck!….Not again!….
“,she yelled.


I stare at Jemima as she gasps on seeing I and Kylie in that awkward position. she storms out angrily.

Kylie eyes me and walk out too.

“Fuck!” I mutter and slump on the couch. My phone rings and I pull it out and and swiped to receive the call.

📞 Hey buddy”,he said, and sigh.

📞 sup man.

Aiden is my closest pal.

📞 cool man….am still expecting the cash man.

I huff

📞 sorry man…..my personal maid more like a witch transferred all my cash into her account. I will wire you the cash from the company account once I get to the office.

Aiden chuckles.

📞A maid did that… she’s got nerves Mason…it’s good you’ve finally met your equal.

I scoff angrily.

📞Are you shitting me right now?.

Aiden chuckles.

📞I’m not…in fact you need someone like that you know….

📞Fuck you Aiden I curse and end the call.

For some reasons I’m scared of her and ashamed to admit it that I’m am a bit scared of her. I got off the couch to prepare for work.


I storm out of the living room when I saw Mason with that fucked up maid….I hate her so much.

I slam the door as I got in. I rest my back on the door and slide down as my tears drop….Mason is gonna be mine… and nothing is gonna change that.

I wipe off my tears and go into the jacuzzi to have my bath.

I came out few minutes later to see my meal already served. I dress up and started eating. I had barely taken another spoon when I began to feel dizzy.

I took another spoonful but it falls off my hand as my eyes close slowly and lost consciousness.

collaboration story

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