His Maid Episode 14

👩🏻‍🏭His Maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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🌹Chapter Fourteen🌹

🥀 Kylie 🥀

I walked into Jemima’s room, she was sleeping already.

I smiled.

I quickly took her outside the house with the help of some maids and kept her close to the waste bin, the same goes to Alyssa.

Then i called the psychiatric to pick them.

Jemima and Alyssa were already taken and Mason wasn’t back yet, the house was becoming boring….The troubles I gave to Mason began to play in my head, I smiled at myself…… Hold on…. what? Am I think of Mason right now?

Impossible…… I better stop… I took a deep breath and went to get a glass of water……

I was still trying to get hold of myself when I heard some maids calling me.

I ran out

‘ what’s going on here?’.

I saw they trying to carry Mason, I quick walked to them and joined to help.

‘his drunk’ they said.

‘ Girls let me give him a piggyback because we ain’t going anywhere if we keep on like this ‘ I said and they accepted.

I gave him a piggyback to his room and placed him on his bed.

‘get me a bowl of water and a cloth ‘.

The maid brought it almost Immediately.

‘ok…you all can go, I will take it from here’. I smiled and closed the door behind them as they left.

I looked at Mason and wondered why he was drunk….

I took the blanket and covered him with it but…he held my wrist and pulled me to himself…
I was going to hit him but he held me and for the first time, I was powerless towards him…..

His hands and body intimately pressed against me…..I wondered how many zombies with racing hearts there were roaming the earth.

I hope very few, for the combination of being dead and goosey was not a happy one.

My eyes burned with the need to sleep, but my body prickled with a need for- for…..

I shook my head.. I tried not to allow myself to even think the word that described the need I felt now.

I struggle in Mason’s arms.

🥀 Mason 🥀
I opened my eyes gently….. Kylie was sleeping already…

I smiled.
I looked down to her lip…..it was tempting…. It looked like sweet wine and I wanted to get drunk in it because I wasn’t drunk yet…. I smiled as I remember the show I putted on earlier…

But were was Jemima?

But i push it aside and thought of having Kylie tonight.

I licked my lips and allowed myself to get what it wanted.

I lay my head lower and kissed her for real… Her lips were soft and sweet…. I wanted the fullest of her…

I want it deeply…..and then she woke up with eyes wide…she wanted to push me away but I held her tight to myself….

She tried to talk but I went deeper….and she stopped trying.

‘shhh ……. Kylie, I know I look stupid right now but……for real, after that kiss that day, I wanted more of you….’

She kept cool and speechless….

I was surprised…… But I knew she was too weak to fight.

‘ I don’t believe you…..after all I have done to you? Aren’t you afraid of me now?”,she asked.

‘well…. that.. . I am but I just can’t resist you ‘. I smiled.

‘ Mason….you are a silly boy..’ she smiled ‘ what about your soon to be wife?’.

‘ hmm…that… Talking about her, where is she?’.

She smiled and twisted her lips

‘I took her and her maid to the home of mad people’.

‘What!’….’ well, they can stay there for tonight’ I smiled and kissed her more….

Shepushed me away slowly.

“stop this mason”,she said and ran out.


I woke up, having a slight headache.

I looked around.

Wait, this is not my room…

The last thing I remember was I ate…….O.M.G.

“KYLIE”,I screamed louder than ever.

“calm down”,a lady dressed as a nurse said.

“why am I here? What is this place?”,I asked.

“this is your new home!”,she replied, smiling broadly.

I looked at the post up.



“no, no, am not mad, am perfectly alright! Why am I in this clothing?”,I asked, as I got up.

In no time I saw jemima screaming and running around.

“am ok, I wanna go home”,she yelled as she ran around.



Collaboration story

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