His Maid Episode 15

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

🌷 Chapter fifteen🌷


“Am okay, I wanna go home”,i yelled as i ran around….. trying to set myself free by all means but my efforts were all in veins as the nurse ran out of the ward.

some minutes later she came back with some two hefty looking men…

“What are you trying to do?”,I asked staring at the two men????

The nurse kept mute and whispered something in the men’s ear …..

Alyssa try escaping but too bad the men get hold of her tightly she try breaking free from their grip but hmmmm she couldn’t…….

Alyssa is then tie to her bed firmly.

lol she kept on shouting and ranting but she worsened the situation for herself by doing that cause the nurse said she’s too noisy and injected her with a sleeping pills…


I sat on my bed smiling at nothing in particular…I was lost in my own thoughts… thinking about how crazy Kylie is and also surprise on how am certainly falling for her..🤔 I can’t deny the fact that my ❤️ heart is beating for Kylie but I can’t let her know for she is crazy and dangerous 😏😏

WHAT??? Mason are you crazy!! Jemima is still in the Asylum and you do nothing about it instead you are here thinking about silly Kylie i thought but i still smiled!


I can’t stop smiling really 😊…did naughty Mason just say he wants more of me?

Should I take that as a confession? Kylie!! wisen up what are you doing??

How can he want you after all you have done to him?..

Yeah he’s up to something I know, he’s playing pranks on me?

Okay Mason u r gonna get it from me!!!!!!

I kept quiet thinking of what to do about Kylie..! there’s no way she’s getting away with this after what she did to us😡………

She will pay for this I promise!!! Thoughts on how to deal with kylie??


🌛Next morning 🌛
………………………………….I woke up, freshened up and 👗 dressed some body exposing wears…

i wore a strapless shirt, exposing my full cleavage..a short above my mid thigh.

WOOOW…. A maid exclaimed staring at how i looked….

“what are you up to today??”,the maid asked.

I just smiled satisfied on how i looks soo sexy!!😌


I came downstairs heading to the kitchen to take some water but I was shock to death on wat I sight before my own very eye…..I tried to speak but no I couldn’t find the perfect word at that moment………….😜


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