His Maid Episode 16-17

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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🌷Episode 16-17🌷


I turned round swiftly, only to bump into Mason.

”what was that for?”,he asked.

”i should be asking you that”,I retorted.

”well, I don’t know what you are talking about”,he replied.

”oh really? For how long have you been standing behind me?”,I asked.

“i just came out”, he replied.

“i just can out”,I mimicked

“excuse me”,I added and was about walking in when he dragged me back.

“i am the boss here, but you are acting all bossy around here. You should learn some manners”,he said, and pulled me to himself.

“let go of me”,I said softly, trying yo set myself free.

“c’mon sweetie, I know you want it, stop trying to resist”,he said, licking his lips.

Before I could utter a word, he swooped me off the floor and took me to his room.

It was then it struck me that I let this crazy feeling take over.

I quickly realised myself and jumped out of his bed.

He pulled me softly,.and crashed his lips on mine.

I pushed him away, and was about landing a slap on his cheek, when he held my hands

“i noticed lately, you a re weak around me”,he said slowly, still holding my hands.

“well, you are quite wrong”,I replied and pushed him away.

I walked out, heading to my room.

I threw myself helplessly on the bed.

Is he right? Am I weak around him?

Nah! That can’t be possible.

I scattered my hair.

I walked downstairs, to the kitchen.

“are you gonna prepare dinner?”,a maid asked, and I nodded.

I cooked dinner, and mason asked a maid to tell me to bring his food to his room.

“Why me?”,I muttered underneath my breath.

I took the tray of food to his room.

“lock the door behind you”,he said.

“why?”,I asked.

He stood up, and walked up to me.

“you are driving me crazy”,he said, looking at me lustfully.

I poured him water.

“well, better know this. You are driving me nuts”,I replied.

He smirked.

He took the tray of food off my hands and placed it on the bed.

He pinned me to the wall.

“dont worry, very soon, you will give in to my demands”,he said.

“well that will never happen”,I replied boldly.

I pushed him on the couch, and he dragged me too, making me fall on him.

“lets be friends”,he said and I smiled.

“well, I will think about it”,I replied and got up.

I left his room immediately.


I don’t know what I feel toward Kylie.

Oh wow, I got her name right!

I ate my food, thinking about her.

“c’mon mason, cut the crap, you can’t fall in love”,I thought.

🌅The next day🌅

I heard a muffed scream coming from Kylie’s room, and I ran to check.

Kylie wasn’t there.

“have you seen kylie?”,I asked other maids.

They all said no, and we began to search for her, but we found no trace of her at home.

I asked the security man, and he said she didn’t come outside.

Where could she be?

Kylie, where are you????????

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