His Maid Episode 18

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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💔Episode eighteen💔


After using cunning tricks, I finally escaped with Alyssa.

“we are gonna teach that brat a lesson”,Alyssa said and rubbed her palms.

I smirked evilly.

We had the spare key to the house, well I have the spare key.

I unlocked the door in the middle of the night, and went to Kylie’s room.

She was awake, drinking a glass of water.

We walked in fearlessly.

“oh, you guys are here? Welcome! Have a seat”,Kylie said mockingly.

“ha ha ha, so funny, well, this time, we have a solid plan to get rid of you for good”,Alyssa said.

“oh really? Well, am waiting”,she said.

I quickly moved over to her, and she kicked me.

I shrieked in pain, while I signalled Alyssa to try.

Kylie had already jerked off from the bed, but luckily, I held her legs, and alyssa managed to place the handky on her face, and she let out a muffed scream struggling, but later lost consciousness.

We put her in a sac and took her away immediately.

Nice! The proud peacock is under our custody.

We took her to a deserted area.

And tied her to a drum.

she gained consciousness after an hour.

“untie me this instant”,she half yelled.

“where am I?”,she asked.

“wow, you have forgotten so soon. This is the same place you dumped both of us last time”,Alyssa said.

She looked around.

“you know, now you are under our custody, there are a lot of pay back, w have to do to you”,I said, and she smirked.

“you threw us in trash, here is your share”,I said and Alyssa dumped trash on her.

“when we are at the asylum, the gave us pills, injection and all sorts”,I said.

I came closer to her, and was trying to force some pills into her mouth, but she nods me with her forehead.

“ouch!”,I groaned in pain, and landed a slap on her cheeks.

She smiled at me.

”i have a way of getting my what I want”,she said.

“ok, free yourself”,I said, and she smirked.


I was ever ready for them.

I put a little picket knife on my side pocket.

They left for a reason am not aware of, and I brought out the knife.

After a lot of failed attempts, I finally got free.

I ran immediately, and I didn’t know where I was heading to.

I was almost hit by a car.

The car paused and the person came down.

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Collaboration story

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