His Maid Episode 19

👩‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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💔 Episode nineteen 💔

😘 Kylie😘

I looked at the person steeping out of the car.

Oh my gosh!

Its that guy that I met in the park and left in an unknown area.

“uhmn your remember me right?’,he asked.

“yeah, I do, so what?”,I asked.
“oh nothing. I just wanted to say thanks. You dropped me at my friend’s house that day”,he said, and I was shocked.

”oh, your luck”,I replied.

“are you alright?”,he asked.
“did I say am not? I am fyn, nothing to worry about”,I replied.

“ok, I’ll just keep going”,he said and moved to his car and entered.

“uhmn wait, not like I don’t know my way, but can you give me a lift?”,I asked.

“hmm, no”,he replied.

I pretended as if I was crying.

”so you can’t help someone?”,I asked, still pretending.

“oh dear, don’t cry”,he said, and came closer to me.

I punched him on the stomach, and collected the car keys.

“enter or not, its your choose”,I replied, and entered the driver’s seat.

He struggled to enter the back seat.

“you know, for a girl like you, you are really tough”,he said ,and i smiled.

“thank you”,I replied.

I drove off to the park, I can take it from her.

I threw the keys at him, and came down.

“are you going left or right?”,he asked.

“right”,I replied.

“oh, you can enter, I am going to see my friend”,he said and I entered.

We switched seats.

So as we were going he reached Mason’s house.

“oh, am there”,he said.

“what?”,I asked.

“yeah!’,he replied.

Oh oh 😲 his is one of Mason’s friend……

I came down, and walked to another direction.

I don’t want him to know that I live at mason’s house.

He drove in, while I sneaked in afterwards to my room, and as for Jemima and Alyssa, I will deal with them later.


This girl is really complicated she just went out of the car and I didn’t even ask her for her name oh shit!!

Does she live with Mason??¿???

I came out of the car and saw Mason and greeted him

“Sup buddy how are ya, you look tensed what happened ,did that maid of yours kick your ass?”,I asked.

“Nah bro just tensed, I can’t find her”,he said worriedly.

“when did you start worrying over a mid, that too a crazy one?”,I asked.

“uhmn she went missing at my house, I will be held responsible….’, Mason said.

”okay bro Is there a lady living with you apart from your maids?’, …I asked

‘None I can think of maybe Jemima. Why do you ask?’, … said Mason

“Well I almost hit a lady today and i think she lives here”.

“Are you serious?”, asked Mason

“Yh dead serious and damn , that girl is tough”, ..I told him

“I think its her. i have been looking for that girl’, ….mason replied.

“…. what’s her name?”,I asked.

Its that girl that has been wrecking my life!

“Oh Kylie ,she cute and sexy”,he replied.

Yah yah whatever 🙄🙄😒😏

“So that’s why do you even care, are you starting to have feelings for her, are you in love?”,I asked.

“No ewwww love gross I’m not in love’, ….Mason said.

“Are you sure”, …I asked him

*Common Aiden be serious I’m a player not a lover”, Mason said

OK“ just came to check up I will be on my way so adios bro”. ✌️✌️

“OK see u later”.


I walked to my car and drove off


After Aiden went I was still thinking about what he said.

Damn do I love Kylie ? No no no I don’t love I only play.

I ran upstairs to check if she was their, her room was locked.

“Kylie!!!!!!”, I shouted her name.

This girl is so annoying you call her and she won’t answer.

I used a spare key and opened the door and I saw a body in a pool of blood………………….

Sorry it’s short!

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Collaboration story

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