His Maid Episode 2

👩‍🏭HIS MAID👩🏻‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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🔞Episode two🔞


Who’s is this mad psychopath brought to work here?


“am your boss you know”,I yelled

“sorry boss, let me help you up”,she aid


Now, am gonna punish her.

I stretched my hands, and she held me.

She pulled me up, and just when I was about to stand on my feet, she removed her hands harshly, and I fell back.

What the f*ck is wrong with this girl?

I stood up on my own, and slapped her .

“look, just because an working here doesn’t mean you can just raise you hands at me. I am not your property or slave”,she said, and walked out

She walked up stairs, and then turned back again.

“you stink”,she half yelled.


I ran upstairs, and followed her.

“where do you think you are going? I said you are fired”,I yelled, while she stared at me.

“you are not the boss of me, your dad is, so stop running your mouth like tap water”,she said.

“show me my room”,she asked again.

“there”,I pointed, and she walked in, and slammed the door.

What kind of girl is this?

“ella”,I yelled, and a maid ran to me.

“ella is sick, she said I should fill in for her”,the maid said.

“well, do I look like I care? She’s fired”,I half yelled.

“sir please…..

“don’t you hear me?”,I half yelled.

She ran off immediately.


How can I hire a maid, and she’s not working?

I went to my room, and freshened up.

She said I stink?

Don’t worry, I will get back at her.


I know that he is plotting something, so I need to be very careful.

To work with someone like him, I gotta use my brains.

I ran out of my room, went to the backyard to stay.

After some minutes, I came back in .


He something at my door, so when I open the door, something will pour on me.

I’ll turn the tables on him.

I removed it carefully, and hung it on his own door.

“ewwwwww, slime”,I yelled, he ran out, and all the contents poured on him.

“i still stand to say you stink. 2-1″,I said, and winked at him.

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Collaboration story

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