His Maid Episode 20

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

🌺Episode twenty🌺


“damn it, she escaped”,I yelled.

“how?”,Alyssa asked, and I slapped her.

“arent you the one that tied her up?”,I asked.

“how dare you slap me?”,she asked.

“i will slap you again and again”,I retorted.

“oh really? Sometimes I wonder, who ak I to you? I jsur feel like you are using me as your puppet, to achieve your selfish aims. Since I started helping you, what did I gain?”,she half yelled.

“am sorry”,I said.

“lets go find her. We will search the house first”,she suggested.

We got to the house and aiden was there.

He was chatting with Mason.

we used this opportunity to sneak into the house unnoticed.

We got the Kylie’s room and she was sleeping.

Oh that fool, cruising, why we are suffering.


I walked over to the her with the knife in my hand.

Well, ion intend killing her, just to make her go through pains.

As I got closer, she woke up.

”so, you are here? Aren’t you tired?”,she asked, and I grinned.

”you are fool. This night, its killed or be killed”,I said and she smirked.

“i’ll scream”,she said.

“lemme see you do that”,Alyssa said, and she hit me, and assumed a fighting position.

I targeted her legs, but when I got the chance, I mistakenly stabbed her in the stomach.

She feel on her knees, bleeding profusely.

Alyssa had already ran out.

“you have killed me, are you happ……happy now?”,she asked, and she gave up………..

Oh my gosh!

I just killed someone!!

I ran off immediately!!!!!!!!!


Look at these fools, I laid there helplessly.

I was really prepared, I put some blood sac in places where I expect to be attacked.

I noticed she was sighting my leg, but instead, I shifted, so she stabbed my stomach I.e the blood sac.

I think by this means, I will kill three birds with one stone.

I heard Mason call out to me, but I laid there helplessly.

He saw me in this state, and called out to some maids, and they arrived immediately.

They carried me up, and placed me in a car.

Mason was muttering some words that I couldn’t hear.

I wish I could see the look on his face.


I was rushed in the hospital, and taken to the emergency ward.

“hey doc, am ok, corporate with me”,I said, and he refused.

I pleaded with him, and with a little persuasion, he accepted.


I waited eagerly for the doctor to come out.

He finally did!

“how is she?”,I asked eagerly.

“uhmn well, she is fine, but she needs a lot of attention and care”,the doctor said.

“oh, that’s not a problem”,I replied.


“so, can I see her?”,I asked.

“uhmn yes, you can even take her home”,the doctor said.

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Collaboration story

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