His Maid Episode 21

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

🔥Episode twenty one🔥


He came and carried me in a bridal style, while I pretended to be unconscious.

He placed me gently inside the car and drove off.

We got home, and he alighted.

I didn’t want to wake up at that moment cause I wanted him to carry me again.

He carried me to……

Wait!! This is not my room, its his room.

He placed me on the bed.

Since I could still feel his breath,I assumed he was staring at me.

Hmmn! Should I open my eyes???

Uhmn, I think something will happen, lemme wait a little.

I wait for some minutes, and he held me hands, I could feel his breath the more, as he stole a kiss.

I opened my eyes slowly, an she backed off.

“arrrrrrrrrh”,I groaned in pains.

“uhmn where, sorry any maid around?”,he yelled, and a maid rushed in.

“no, she can go, uhmn I need a massage”,I said.

“yeah, that’s why you need the maid”,he replied.

“no, I need you to massage me”,I replied.

“me? No I….

“arrrrrrrrrrrh”,I screamed.

“oh, okay, I’ll massage you”,he said.

He asked the maid to help me freshen up, after which I was laid back in the bed.

He began the massage.

”yeah, that’s the spot

“move tour hands down a little, no up, no shift sideways, no left……mtchew up, no triangular up, no, no…….circular”,I said, turning him around, and I knew he was fed up.

This is fun!!!!!

“no, twist your hands a little backwards, then turn up

“how is that even possible?”,he said.

“arrth, you are shouting at me in this condition?”,I asked, pretending to cry.

“ok sorry, I’ll do as you said”.

“no, leave it, I need coffee”,I said.


“no, coffee made by you”,I said weakly

He murmurs and left.

Some minutes later, he arrived with the coffee.

“uhmn, you took too long to bring it. I don’t want it anymore, I want fried chicken”,I said and he groaned and left.

He came back with some chicken, and I only took a bite.

“i don’t like it. Get me vegetable sauce, remember, made by you”,I said.

He shot me and angry look which I ignored, and he left….

Gosh! Am I doing the right thing????

Na!!!!!! Let it continue this way.


I can’t believe I murdered Kylie.

I am a murderer.

Well, it wasn’t intentional, I didn’t mean to.

I was just…..
I booked tickets to England.

I need to leave immediately.

I left the country, not caring about that dumb Alyssa, but where is she???


As soon as Jemima stabbed Kylie, I took off immediately.

I can’t believe she murdered her.

I boarded a flight to england.

I really love that curry,and at least I will be far away from that murderer.


There is something fishy going on.

I mean, why is it that am the only one she want to do all the chores??

Wait, I get it, she is getting back at me for the kiss???????


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collaboration story

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