His Maid Episode 23

👩‍🏭His Maid👩🏻‍🏭
( Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

🌹episode twenty three🌹


I was stunt and speechless…The only thing I could see at that moment was star🌟…

“Kylie!! U slapped me?”.

Was the only I uttered.

I wanted to say further but I couldn’t cause Kylie is still standing clad…..my eyes still travels to her boobs down her waist and I just wish I could devour her right that moment guess what??

I was lusting over her body….when another hot slap landed on my cheek which send me to ground..!

🌼 Kylie🌼

I pick up my clothes sharply and put it on….
“You pervert how could you stare at my boo…bo…bo…uhnnm”.

I query him glaring at him…….

He was about to say more but I couldn’t find the right word at the moment so I ran out his room finding my way to my room.

I barged in and fall freely to the bed ahhhh…..gosh I need to freshen up.

I get in to the bathroom prepared warm water in the bathtub and get in……I take my time in the toilet smiling to nothing in particular.

Did Mason love what he saw🤔?? Woow Kylie u have got a killer body ever…I guess ☺️☺️

I step out of the bathtub and leave the bathroom to wore something comfy

Gosh…I love you Kylie I can’t deny that I have fallen for you crazy Kylie but you can’t know that of course..u too crazy Kylie and I love the crazy you..lol……

MASON! wait but did Kylie feels the same way..? I guess Yes she must feel something for me coz am every ladies dreams😉😉

What if she doesn’t feels anything for me?? Kylie is too crazy to have such feeling for me🤔🤔

I need to start been all nice to her….YEAH I will take her to shopping…. dinner date too am sure she will love it.

I wink and smile 😁😁

🌼Kylie 🌼

I dress and head to kitchen to get a chill water.

I opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of chilled water but I sense someone behind and i turn swiftly and to my greatest shock my lips collide with Mason’s…..

I step out my room….I was about to head to kitchen when I saw Kylie also heading to kitchen and I tiptoe behind her so she didn’t notice my present behind I wanted to startle her but she turns swiftly and I drop shocked when our lips meet…..

I hesitated a bit and wanted to withdraw but I really need to get more taste of her lips so I devour her lips kissing her hungrily even though I know she might pushed me away……but to my surprise Kylie reciprocated the kiss so deep and passionate…………..

Collaboration story

✍️Ummi Ummi✍️

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