His Maid Episode 24

👦 His maid 👦
( unbreakable bond)
Collaboration story
Episode twenty four
🌹 Mason 🌹
I reluctantly withdrew my lips from kylie’s. Unexpectedly, she didn’t blink an eye at all, I am not even sure she knew that she reciprocated when I was kissing her.
” hey, are u okay? “I asked her
Sure, I am… She replied.
Okay then, I will be in my room upstairs. I left the kitchen without even turning back to look at her.
🌹 kylie 🌹
What just happened?Did I really reciprocate to that kiss? Why didn’t I resist? Or perhaps I am already falling for mason?.This is a big mess, of all people, why should it be that proud dickhead? He is a player, he can’t fall in love with me, can he? What should I do about this feelings, its driving me crazy.
🌹 Jemima 🌹
After that horrible incident with Kylie, guilt and fear overwhelmed me. I can’t believe I murdered her in cold blood..Just then Alyssa walked in
What are u doing here.. I asked her
I just came to tell you something.. She replied me.
Well, I don’t give a damn about what you wanna say, you are such a badluck, get out now, please… I yelled at her with so much anger 😠 😠..
You will regret this Jemima.. She said and stormed out of the room
Proud bitch… I cursed.
🌹 Kylie 🌹
I was at the front of mason door now, I couldn’t help being nervous but then I summoned courage and entered the room,
“What the heck “, why is he stupidly hot right now, this is tempting “.
Like what you see Kylie,… He asked me..
I couldn’t even talked back at him, I was drooling over his body crazily then he came to where I was, he took his hand brushing a strand of hair from my face.
You are beautiful Kylie… He said.
In a swift, he carried me up in his arms to his bed, he was on top of me staring at me, I was doing the same, then he bent his head and crashed his lips on mine and then I reciprocated again.
Coll. Story

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