His Maid Episode 25

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(Unbreakable bond)

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I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes.

“Kylie,do you want this?
Once we cross this line,there’s no going back”.

Wait,did I just ask a lady if I can bang her?,am really changing.

“Yes,Mason I want you,I want it now”,said Kylie looking into his eyes,she bent his head and pressed her lips against his,and he took the reign and led on.

I removed her top and i finally saw what i have been dreaming of since i saw it the other day,it still felt like a dream to me.

“Kylie, you’re beautiful”,i said as i removed the bra and kissed her on the right nipple and she gasped in pleasure and i took the whole nipple into my mouth and sucked on it.

“Mason”she said more like whisper and she placed her hands on my head and pulled on his hair.

I left that nipple which was already aroused and went to the other one and did the same.

I went lower on her,kissed her navel and went down to her pussy.

she immediately sucked in her breath and closed her legs,i looked up at her

“Mason,am a virgin”she said in fear,this was the first time i have seen a lady this pure.

“Kylie,if you’re not ready,I’ll won’t do it,just tell me”,i said and Kylie smiled and kissed me.

“Mason,I love you, i know what I want and I want you”Kylie said looking into my eyes and she opened up for me.

“Okay”i said and thought

Kylie is so precious,I want to make this special for her,I have to do it slowly.

I went down on her and kissed her clit,i wanted to pleasure her anyway i can.

She was already wet but i didn’t stop till she had her first climax and she screamed my name,i pulled my trousers and kissed her, i was afraid, because i knew there was no way she was not going to feel pain.

“Kylie, please take a deep breath”i said and she did.

I merged with her, slowly,i went in inch by inch ,Kylie writhed under me uncomfortably,she screamed out in pain,as her hymen broke

“Am so sorry Princess”i said as i moved slowly under her.

Suddenly the pain slowly turned into pleasure as she moaned out my name.


Jemima didn’t want me to tell her that I found out that Kylie is alive.

“so those two are finally having sex,while Jemima is dying out of guilt,I know it is not my place to make this decision but all my hardwork will not go down the drain,all my suffering,all the humiliation I went through in the hands of that bastard,there is no way I’ll let them live happily,I will make them suffer the same way I did,Kylie,this is not over,you will suffer,this,I promise you”, I muttered.


Mason was sleeping beside me

“Am so happy that am her first,she gave her virginity to me”, he muttered to himself.

“I swear on my life Kylie,am going to make you happy for as long as I shall live,you will not lack anything,you will always be number one in my life,you thought me what it means to be human,how to love and how to be loved,Kylie,I love you so much”he said as he kissed me on my forehead.

**The next day**

Mason had already stood up from the bed,he went to the kitchen to prepare something for me,and he has not once in his life cooked before so it was difficult.

“Sir,can I be of assistance?”asked one of the maid in fear and Mason smiled at her.

“You don’t have to be afraid and yes, please help me,I want to prepare something light for Kylie before she wakes up”said Mason, while I giggled, cause I was watching the whole scene.

“Okay master”said the maid happily as she went to pick the ingredients.

At the end,they prepared bread,bacon and omelet with orange juice

He thanked the maid while I quickly ran back, pretending I was asleep.

he dropped the tray on the bed and walked gently towards me and pecked me on the head and i stirred,opening my eyes slowly and looked into Mason’s blue sexy eyes and i smiled.

“I would love to wake up every day staring into those eyes”,i said.

“You would have to marry me then”he said in all seriousness.

I saw it as a joke and laughed the sweet aroma coming from the tray hit my nose and i gasped

“You made this?”i said walking towards the food.

“Yeah I did”he said and i shot him a glare and he raised his hands in defeat.

“Okay I had help”he said and i laughed.

“Kylie,we should go out today,tell me,where do you want to go to?”,Mason asked as I placed the bacon into my mouth.

I thought about it for a while and my eyes lit up in joy

“We should go to the arcade”,i said

“The arcade?”he asked

“Yeah,the arcade,there are a lot of fun games we can play together”,I replied.

“Okay,the arcade it is”said Mason and i stopped eating and went to him,wrapped her hands around him in happiness and kissed him.

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