His Maid Episode 27

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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🌺Episode twenty seven🌺


She kept dragging me, but I swooped her off the ground with no effort.

“am I that light?”,she asked.

“yeah, light as a feather”,I replied.

“hmmn, put me down”,she replied.

“are you sure you want me to put you down? Coz I know ladies a lot”,I replied.

“it seems you have forgotten who I am”,she said and I smirked.

“you can harm me anymore”.

“what makes you think so?”.

“cause….I will charm you with my eyes”,I replied and she laughed.

“mr, I haven’t fallen for you, we are just friends”.

”friends on bed?”.

“stop that”,she said, blushing.

I placed her inside the car

“i prefer to drive”.

“oh no, no, crazy Kylie? Na, we will both due if you drive”.

She kept mute.

We went to the arcade and played a lot of fun games.

“i won you three times in a roll”,she braved as we walked out, holding hands.

“that’s cause I let you win”,I replied and she laughed

We went to a museum, a park and so many fun places.

As we walked out of the park, Kylie wanted ice cream so I crossed over to buy some.


I stood there, waiting for mason to come with the ice cream, when a car parked in front of me.

It was that guy, mason’s friend.

“hi”,he said.

“hi”,I replied.

“are you waiting for s cab?”.

“nope, am waiting for someone”.

“mind if I join you wait?”.

“pls just go”.

“nope, I think I’ll wait”,he replied and came down from his car.

“i said no, don’t wait. What your problem?”,I asked, getting annoyed.

“the problem is that I like you”.

“well, sorry, am taken”.

“hmmn, by who?”.

“well, if you really wanna know who, look over there, the person buying ice cream”,I pointed as he looked.

I expected him to be surprised or shocked, but no, instead he smirked.


“yeah”,I replied and he let out a dry laugh.

“mason is using you, after he gets what he wants, he abandons you”.

“mason won’t do that to me. He loves me”.

“love? I know Mason, he can’t fall in love. Anyways, we shall see”,he replied, entered his car and left.

“am back”.

“kylie! Kylie”,mason called out, but I was totally lost in thoughts.

He shook me vigorously.

“what?”,I asked.

“what happened?”.


“oh I get it. You missed me”.

“uh….yeah”,I replied and entered the car..

What if those things he said are actually true????


Geez! What is wrong with Mason?

Why is it that every girl I like Is the one he takes away from me???

Well, I will have to prove to Kylie that am right.

Sorry mason, I will set you up!!!

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Collaboration story

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