His Maid Episode 28

👩‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Collaboration story✍️

🌺Episode twenty eight🌺


What if that Mason’s friend was right ……does Mason really love me or is he playing with my feelings to get back at me?

“Kylie what’s wrong?…. you seem worried”,….. Mason asked .

“Uhmm it’s nothing “,I replied.

“Ok if you’re worried or
troubled you can always ask me”… “remember problem shared is problem solved”. Mason told me.

“Yeah, thanks for reminding I’ll keep that in mind”,…I told him and smiled.

We finally arrived home. I got out of the car with him and he held my hands and walked into the house.

I saw Mason’s dad, he looked a bit surprised to see us holding hands.

Mason and I greeted him.

“Wow Mason you are behaving strange”….” what happened”?.

“Dad nothing happened, I just happen to be happy with kylie “. Mason said

“Are you serious , this is good news”… Mason’s dad replied happily …

“well son I’m happy at your new change, keep it up”.

“I will Dad Mason “said ……”so I will be going with kylie”.

I smiled at Mason then we went upstairs, he took me to his room and hugged me tight .

“I love you kylie”.

“I love you too”.

Then we kissed and after kissing to my surprise I saw Jemima standing at the door crying………

“What are you doing here”, Mason asked angrily…………….

“I came to talk to kylie”,she said sniffing. “but it seems I came at the wrong time sorry I will be going” Jemima said and went.

“Mason just leave her and calm down let me prepare your favorite food, I’m coming”… I told him and went downstairs.

I came downstairs and saw Mason’s friend talking to Mason’s dad.

I just ignored him and went to the kitchen and got Mason’s food and placed it on the dinning table and went to call him …..

😁Aiden 😁

After talking to Mason’s dad about some stuffs , I came to carry out my plan.

“I know kylie saw me, whether she likes it or not, I will have her”…i said to myself.

She dropped Mason’s food on the dinning now to execute my plan.

I went to the dinning and spiked Mason’s food then to my surprise some one caught me…… I turned and saw it was Jemima

I was shocked then she said to me…

“What are you doing?”.

“Uhmm nothing”,I didn’t know what to say because she caught me red handed .

“Please I’m sorry don’t tell anyone I was spiking Mason’s food ”

“Why would you do that?”, She said…

“I want kylie,every girl I like, every girl I love is being taken away from me by Mason. I can’t take it again I’m going to set him up, and I feel you are going to be part of that plan “. I told Jemima.

“I get Kylie, and you get mason, or don’t you want that?”,I asked.

“Yes I want him back I can’t stand him and that witch being together”,Jemima said.

“So are going to help me with this plan”.

“I will”,she said.

“Ok I will tell you all about the plan but let me give the details….I spike Mason’s food so he will eat it and sleep off then that is when you will enter the plan got that!!!!”. I said.

“Yh,ok I think we need to get out of this place so we won’t be heard”,Jemima said.

Ok let’s go……….

We went out of the house and i drove Jemima to her house.

“Ok see you later…..” I told her.

❤️Mason ❤️

I went to take my bath then I heard Kylie’s voice call my name.

“Mason !! ”

“Yes baby,I’m busy now “.

“Ok I’m in your room she said”

……..20 minutes later…….

I came out of the bathroom and saw her then I held her from behind and gave her a hug.

“Mason you know your food is getting cold”.

“I know I just wanna be with you” I said

“You can be with me later now come and eat your food”.

“Ok let me dress up”.

………. after dressing ……

I went downstairs and was eating my food then kylie said she recievef an urgent call.

I bade her bye and continued eating my food and after eating went to my room .

I’m feeling dizzy …. My head
I fell unconscious on my bed…………………

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Collaboration story

✍️ Ogechi✍️

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