His Maid Episode 29

👩‍🏭His maid👩🏻‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Prin cess✍️

🌺Episode twenty nine🌺


I took mason out of the house to my apartment.

At least he will be safe here.

Lemme see how those fools succeed!

He is still unconscious!


We sneaked back into the house to execute the plan, but mason was no where to be found.

“are you sure he ate it?”,I asked Aiden.

“yeah, look, that’s exactly the plate”,he replied.

“f*ck then what happened?”,I asked.

“how should I know?”,he replied.

I was wearing only pant and bra, ready to execute the plan…..

“you look so sexy right now”,he said, and I eyed him and sighed.

He came closer while I darted backwards.

“stop, don’t come closer”,I said, frightened.

He came closer, while I fell on the bed, and he fell on me and kissed me….


I tried to scream, but he covered my mouth and……………….


After receiving a phone call from an unknown, I rushed to the hotel, room 200.

I knocked softly, and a pretty lady of my age opened.

“uhmn, do I know you?”,she asked.

“yeah, you called me with this number, asking me to meet you here. Even, I have a message”,I replied and showed her, and she was shocked.

“no, I didn’t send that”,she replied.

“then who did?”,I muttered.

“that’s for you to find out. Excuse me, you interrupted my make out session”,she said and banged the door.

What the……who could be………….Jemima.

I think it’s a setup.

I rushed he, and ran to Mason’s room, only to see aiden and Jemima making out on his bed……


“i can explain

“what do you wanna explain aiden, we ain’t even together”,I replied and walked out….

But where is mason????


I woke up and found my self in a strange room.

“oh, you are awake, lemme get you some food and water”,a young lady said and left…………

She came back with a tray of food and water..

I gulped in the water……

“where am I?”.

“my boss you should ear your food and stop asking questions”,she replied.

Her boss!!!!

Who could that be???

T b c
Collaboration story.

✍️lolli lee✍️

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