His Maid Episode 3-4

👩‍🏭HIS MAID👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Collaboration story✍️

🔞Episode three🔞


I can’t believe she turned the tables.

I mean, I really believed that my plan worked.

I hate dis girl, she is getting on my nerves….. I’m so mad right now….I just had to let her win buh next time she won’t like to mess with me…

“go to your room, and make sure you don’t spoil anything or break anything”, I told her,she just rolled her eyes and mimicked me.

“Are you mimicking your boss? don’t u know I can fire you for dat?”,I yelled angrily.

She mimicked me again.

“like I said before am working for you, but following the instruction of your father, so lemme tell you again, you can’t fire me, so don’t even bother opening dat thing you call a mouth to speak get that straight Mr Mason”,she said boldly.

I raised my hands to slap her but she held my hands.

“just cause I let you slap me the first time, doesn’t mean I will let you slap me again, so drop that thing you call hands”,she said, and pushed my hands down.

She went into her room.

A call came through from my dad, and I picked.

“son, hope you ain’t maltreating or flirting with that girl?”,my dad asked.

“dad, I ain’t flirting with her”,he replied.

“that means you are maltreating her”,dad said.

“Dad common now, you know me by now I don’t take nonsense from anybody not even from this THING so don’t lecture me”,I said, and cut the call.

my phone rang…..it was Jemima, my worthless girlfriend.

Jemima:☎️ Hello Mason

Mason:☎️ Yes Jemima wats the problem

Jemima: ☎️ I just called to check on you and ask if we can go out

Mason:☎️ I’m ok and you don’t need to, I’m too busy to go out

Jemima:☎️ Ur too busy for your soon to be wife

Mason: ☎️ Look here if this is what you called me for pls don’t try it again…I am not getting married to you

Jemima:☎️but we are engaged already.

Mason:☎️tyat engagement is fake, so get that into you head.

I cut the call and went inside my room.


I am so happy.

That dumb guy, such a pity.

“NEW MAID!!!!!!”,He shouted

I knew it was me, I didn’t answer, just pretend as if I didn’t hear him and started cleaning my room

Then he came to my room so angry as if he wanted to kill me

“DIDN’T I CALL U ??????”,He shouted rudely

“My name is not new maid its Kylie get dat straight Mr boss”,I said in defense.

“You have attitude and attitude is wat I hate. Maybe you need to learn some lesson”,he said and tried to beat me then I dodged and he hit his head on d wall

That is what you get for annoying me!

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Collaboration story

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👩🏻‍🏭HIS MAID👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Collaboration story✍️

🔞 Episode four🔞


I smiled as he groan holding his head in pain, staring daggers at me……

I grin, satisfied with the look on his face.

I passed him by and went to the kitchen thinking of what to do next.



I walked to my room thinking of how to deal with the New Maid…but something got into my head……

I will call her to my room and just lock her in there alone for some couple of days 🤔🤔

But I can’t remember her name.


I don’t want to call her “New Maid” she’s a crazy bitch…..how do I recall her name????

I tried guessing……….

Is it Kellin,! Kline,! Kyleen🤔?? Yeah it’s kyleen , i smiled happily.


I paced around my room.

Did Mason just cut the call on me???

Okay let see how he gets away from me…i smiled grinning from ear to ear!!!!


I was still on my sleeping, lazily when i heard my phone vibrating underneath my pillow…

““Aarrrhhhhh”,i groaned.

“who the hell is disturbing my sweet morning sleep😔??”.

I picked up my phone to see the caller. Oh its my BESTIE….

☎️ Ummi:….hey bestest.

☎️ Jemima: ….hey lazy ass good morning. are u still sleeping??

☎️ Ummi: yes but u ruined my sleep (sighs)

☎️ Jemima: okay sorry I want u to help get a visa to Malaysia instantly.

☎️ Ummi: WHAT?? Are flying to Malaysia?? For what?

☎️ Jemima: i wanna pay mason a surprise visit girl!

☎️ Ummi: hmmmm u guys have an argument again right?

☎️ Jemima: Yes…. could you believe he hang up on me? That brat!

☎️Ummi: Okay girl…fine, i will send the visa to you in some mins.

☎️ Jemima: okay thanks sweetie bye love you

☎️ Ummi love you more

Lol, fire on the mountain🔥🔥🔥🔥

Collaboration story

✍️Ummi ummi✍️

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