His Maid Episode 5

👩🏻‍🏭HIS MAID👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Collaboration story✍️

🔞 Episode five🔞

🌹 Kylie 🌹

I was with the other maids in the kitchen when I heard Mason calling Kyleen.

‘who is he calling?’ I asked

‘ I think is you…just go answer him’ one maid said.

‘Just do it… please’ another maid pleaded

I sighed.

‘ok fine , I will go’

They smiled.

‘don’t kick his ass’ one maid said as they laughed.

🌹 Mason🌹

I stood by my room door waiting for her……

she walked sluggishly to where I was.


‘first my name is Kylie and not Kyleen’, she cut me short.

I bit my lower lip a little hard.

‘ OK Kylie come inside I want to show you something’.

She looked at me in disgust before she came inside.

‘what do you want to show me ?’.

I smiled because my plan was working

‘you see that wardrobe over there’, I pointed.

She turned to look at it and I quickly locked the door.

‘yes!’ I shouted.

🌹 Kylie 🌹

It was late before I realized he locked me inside his room, I heard him shout yes.

I ran to the door and started banging it but he was pouring curses on me…

Just then, I got a quick idea.

I stopped banging and looked round his room and found his laptop on his desk.

‘ Ok Mr boss you won this time but I think you are about to go down!’.

He stopped cursing.

‘ So… what do we have here, is this a laptop.. hmm I should destroy it’ I took the laptop and smiled.

I started counting.

‘1…2…3….4….5….6…’ then the door opened.

‘ don’t !’ he shouted stretching his left hand out.

I smiled.

‘I knew you would open it…but I still have to let this laptop go’.

Before I could blink my eyes he was already trying to take it from me.

I laughed as I saw his effort.

Unexpectedly, I fell on his bed and he fell on me… silence filled the air. Eyes locked . I froze.

He smiled at me and pecked me on my lips then he took his laptop and started laughing.

what the f*ck just happened.

‘ What! ‘ someone said from the door.

🌹Jemima 🌹

I walked into the house, it was quiet a bit…

‘I guessed Mason should be in his room’ I thought.

I went to his room. I was shocked when I saw him on top of a maid, like who does that.

I was about to say something when I saw him kiss her and started laughing….

‘ What?!’ I said holding my tears back.

‘how could you Mason?,….I know you are a player but…’ I eyed the girl who stood like she was trying to recover from the kiss ‘ Mason a maid, your maid?!’

Just as he was about to speak, she slapped him…

I was dumbfounded

“don’t ever try that again”, she said and left.

‘Did that just happen?’ I thought .

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Collaboration story

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