His Maid Episode 6-7

👩🏻‍🏭HIS MAID👩‍🏭
{Unbreakable bond}

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🔞Episode six🔞

🌹 Kylie🌹
He pulls me back and returns the slap at instant.

“Are you done watching, or you want more of this drama?”, he said to the strange girl standing

I wonder who she is.

Before I know it,
He grab me by hands and kiss me in a way she won’t know it’s not mouth.
She ran out crying but that bastard seems happier.

“Am still coming for ya, you dare kiss me”, I said making a funny face while he took it as joke and started laughing.

I left the room angrily.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I met other maids.

“Do we have honey in these house”,I ask.

“Yeah right there” she said pointing out a cupboard to me.

“But sorry, what are you gonna use that for” she asked.

“What is it used for”,I asked, glaring at her hard and she keep quiet and start working.
He is about to take his bath.

As soon as he went into the bathroom I tiptoes to his bed where he place his newly ironed clothes

I brought out the honey and rub it all through the jeans leaving the skirt out cause he will definitely notice.

Not long, i saw insect crawling up to his jeans
Then I went out waiting for the result of my punishment

Soon he came of his room, scratching and dancing all through.

“Wow see what we got here, a good dancer, should I put on some music it will be fun” i said
“Kylie how dare you” he said as his face turn red.

“You don’t ask me questions like that rather i ask you questions like this *how dare you kiss me*, keep dancing it’s fun right” I said but he went on till he was able to get on to his bathroom.
I went to my room and got some glue.

Mr mason has become my prisoner.

I went to his room.

He’s still in the bathroom battling with his punishment.

I pour the glue right at his door of his bathroom, blending it together with the tiles, so that he won’t notice.

I closed his door and went out.

I went to the sitting room and started watching my favorite channel.

Am the boss for today and the actual boss is my prisoner.

Soon I heard him scream.

The maids looks at my direction while i made an expression with my hands saying

*am innocent, don’t know what happened to him*

I went up the stairs to his room.

I saw him all glued to the ground.

Mission accomplished!

“That’s for kissing me” I said.

“What kind of girl are you huh, can’t you understand?”,he said

“Am that kind of girl, you won’t want trouble with and that boss should respect himself”,I replied.


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Collaboration story

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👩‍🏭His maid👩🏻‍🏭
{ unbreakable bond}

✍collaboration story✍️

🔞Episode seven🔞


I groaned as I struggled to stand up from the mess on the floor.

“Fuck!”. I cursed as my palm stuck to the glue….I so hate this girl already.
How dare she do this to me. she has ruined my day.

After several attempts I stood up from the floor as some maids rushed into the room.

“Boss….are you alright?”. one of them ask as she came over to help me. I slapped her.

“Do I look like I’m not fucking alright”. I bark as she moved back and held her cheek, tears pooling in her eyes.

“You’re fired” I say as other maids gasped behind her.

“Get the fuck out all of you”.

They rushed out immediately.

I pulled off my clothes and went into the bathroom to wash of the glue, thank goodness its a cheap glue that is removable.

I came out few minutes later, making sure I didn’t step on the glue.

“I hate her bitchy attitude…..but her lips taste good though”. I thought remembering when I kissed her.


I walked to and fro the room as the kiss scenario played over and over in my head. I can’t believe Mason had to do that….kiss a girl…. A maid with the lowest calibre…. Gosh….

I think m going to freak out right now.

I gulped down the wine in my glass. I would need to speak to his dad. I’m his wife to be for fuck sake….he should stop treating me like a piece of trash.


I stood up and left the living room heading for the kitchen. I went in and saw a maid crying.

“what’s the problem”. I ask the other maids.

“Mason fired her”. My face clouded in anger.

“why did he do that?”.

“cos she asked if he was alright”. I scoffed angrily. someone’s got to curb his arrogance, I’d help him do so.

I walked out of the kitchen to his bedroom and opened the door without knocking.

He was backing me and buttoning his shirt, obviously going out. I walked up to him and tapped him

He turned and I sent him a punch on his stomach.

He groaned and I grabbed his collar dragging him back to the kitchen. The maids froze on seeing him.

“Now apologize to her and rephrase what you said earlier”.

He clutched his stomach as I forced him to a kneeling position.

“Do it now”. I barked at him tightening my fist.

“I…..I’m sorry”. he stuttered.

I smirked and tightened my grip on his collar.

“That’s not all”.He groans.

“And you…..can continue work, you’re not fired anymore”.I smirked and released my hold on his collar, as he collapsed to the floor.

I dusted my hands and walked out of the kitchen. leaving the maids frozen to their spot.


Collaboration story

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