His Maid Episode 9

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(Unbreakable bond)

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🔞Episode nine🔞


The next day

I booked my flight to Malaysia.

I got there, and a girl was mopping, I passed by, stepping on the places she mopped just to piss her off.

She grumbled loudly, and ran inside.

I waited, and shortly she came back with another girl.

“pick up the mop, and clean up the mess you created”,she commanded.

I looked at her in disgust, and sighed.

I pushed her out of the way, and was about going in, when she pulled me by the hair.

I screamed as she kept twirling me back and forth.

Geez! This girl is something else.

She must be the Kylie that Jemima was talking about.

I hate her already! So much attitude.

“now, are you ready to clean up this mess?”,she asked, and i nodded.

I picked up the mop, and clean up the mess.

“good, now who are you looking for?”,she asked.

Is the boss or what?

“pls out of my way”,I said, and pulled her out of the entrance.

She dragged me back.

“you are not going anywhere”,she replied.

“and who said so?”,Jemima asked, out of nowhere.

“i said so, so you better keep that mouth of yours shut”,she threatened.

Jemima didn’t say a word.

What the…….

I expected her to challenge her.

“uhmn, pls let her come in”,Jemima begged.

“that’s like a good girl”,Kylie replied, ans paved way for me to pass.

What the……Jemima beg???

Jemima swiftly did her magic and soon I was “hired”to work for mason.

“Baby girl,you’re best”,she praised.
“Anything for you”, I replied.


That Kyleen,no Kyla,no Kylie,oh bullshit whatever,and speaking of devil,here she comes

“Oh boss,what do you want for lunch?”,she asked.

She sat on his bed,like she owned it.

“Erm, anything you give me”i said and she walked up to me and touched my broad shoulders.

“Good, because if you had gone running that mouth of yours and giving useless orders,I would have strangled you,see you’re learning how to be a human being and not a monster”,she said and hopped out of my room.

That girl is crazy,I hope she doesn’t cook poison for me to eat.


I was about preparing Mason’s food when the “new maid” walked in.

“I’ll be in charge of preparing Mason’s food”.

“Says who”,I asked.

“Says me,now move”and the “new maid”pushed me away.

I wanted to retaliate but i kept my cool and smirked.

“Okay,go ahead”,I replied ans she began.

Minutes after cooking,*the new maid” brought in Mason’s food.

Mason came downstairs, pulled out a chair and sat.

“I hope you can cook,I didn’t even get your name” said Mason,as he put the food in his mouth,he immediately vomited it.

“DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME ,HUH?, WHAT RUBBISH IS THIS?”by this time, Everyone was at the dining, enjoying the show.

“Am sorry,I didn’t know,let me taste it”,as soon as the new maid put the food in her mouth,she vomited also.

“Kyleen!!!!!”called out Mason

“Kylie,I think he’s calling you”one maid said

“What does he want now,he hired a new maid,he should deal with her”, I replied.

“Please,that poor lady might lose her job”, other maids pleaded.

“Fine!”, I replied, and walked up to him.

“Yes boss?”, I replied.

“Who is this person?”said Mason looking at the new maid in disgust

“She’s the new maid you hired”, i said, and the new maid got tensed.

“Buh I didn’t hire anybody, whatever, clear this garbage and get me something to eat”said Mason buh Kylie didn’t move and Mason knew what she wanted

“Please”,he said, and I smiled,the new maid was shocked.

After that fiasco,it was already late in the night.


Buh Mason never says pls,I hope that girl isn’t changing him.

I wore a seductive outfit.

Now,let me go and give my baby the only thing he’s always hungry for”you all know what that is, and i strolled to Mason’s room.

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Collaboration story

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