His Maid Episode 31

👩‍🏭His Maid👩🏻‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️Collaboration Story✍️

🔥Episode thirty one🔥

🌹 Kylie🌹

I was pacing at Mason’s room thinking where could he be…. I don’t trust Jemima neither do I trust Aiden but the both of them are here could it be Alyssa??

Yeah she might be responsible for Mason’s missing…….

I need to act fast but where can I find her (Alyssa)?

I pick my car keys and ran out of the room…….Boom I was at Alyssa’s

guys don’t ask how I got knows Alyssa place, you guys knows am a smart ass of course!!!

I walked in and begun to search the house but I heard Mason’s voice from upstairs…..

I ran as fast I my leg could take me I peep from the keyhole and I can view well what’s going on in there so I turned up the knob…….

What? Holy shit!!

💐 Alyssa💐

I heard someone mutter at the door I turn swiftly to to see Kylie standing before me…..what the fuck???

“Kylie”,Mason mutter shock to see her…….she smiled assuredly at him…a smile which says everything is gonna be alright, am here for you….

“ Woow woow bravo Kylie. I smirked at her You dare come here to ruin my plans? Let’s see how you are gonna get away this time…..”.

She smiled moving closer to me.

“ yes Alyssa let’s see who’s is gonna beg to spared here”,she said and smiles broadly at her….

I can see anger written on her face.

fear and anger grips me cause I know Kylie is really dangerous.

what do I do now?

I was thinking in my head….but before I could say huff, a hot resounding slap landed on my cheek which sends me groaning to the ground!!

She kicked me hard at the back which sends me wiggling in the ground.


I smiled at Mason and he winked at me which gives me the strength to continue what am doing…. before she could attempt to raise from the ground I pulled her hait hard and she started shouting.

“Kylie leave me alone”.

but I don’t give a damn about her yell!

I gave her another slap on her face which send her to floor again……..

I rushed to Mason and untie him.


Kylie untie me…I was free now she wanted to move away from me to Alyssa but I drag her back.

“ I missed you Kylie”.

before she could reply I place a light kiss on her lips and she kissed me back I let her go…..I won’t interfere for cause I trust my crazy wife…nah soon to be wife I smile inwardly..

I watch as she mounch on Alyssa and gave her the beating of her life, she undress Alyssa so Alyssa was left on her undies then she tie her up to a chair….

🔥 Alyssa🔥

I started pleading with kylie but it all falls at deaf ears she didn’t even spare a glance… instead she smirked at me.

“Alyssa dear don’t worry am not gonna hurt you much”.

……I watched as Kylie started tickling me and I started laughing hard……I eased on myself………

Mason could be seen laughing hard tooo…

T b c

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✍️Collaboration Story✍️

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