His Maid Episode 32

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

🔥Episode thirty two🔥


“Don’t worry, am gonna take it easy on you” Kylie said to Alyssa.

“Please don’t hurt me” Alyssa pleaded but everything fell on deaf ears as she tied her to same bed, Alyssa tied me to.

“Hello you need to be taught some lessons”.

My wife to be is just an epitome of craziness and troublesome.

But one thing for sure
I love her like that

“Give me, some pepper, chilli pepper to be precise” She said to the girl standing close to the door while she ran out in fear…

But then Kylie pick up a rod.

Huh, didn’t see that coming!

A rod in this room?
How did she see that?

Kylie pull up her shirt and lash out a stroke on her boobs.

“Ahhh ummm” Alyssa shouted.

Then she lashed out another and another.

While Alyssa keep shouting and crying

Then Kylie stretch out the rod to me
“Your turn” She said


Just then the other girl bought in the chilli pepper.

Kylie collected it from her and tear out Alyssa pants and rub the pepper on her vagina.

All she could do was to scream.

And I couldn’t stop laughing.
” Next time, you can just mind yourself “, She said then she turn to the other girl who is already shaking out of fear.

“And you, don’t be a bitch at seventeen” She said and dragged me out.


Today turns out more of what I thought of

I can’t just believe it!

Alyssa wants Mason to herself.

Interesting but she should back off or prepare to enjoy more of those dramas.

When we got home
Everywhere was silent and boring.

Just as it use to be
And surprisingly enough
No maids to welcome us
Not even the security came to open the gate.


Everything quiet and silent as a grave yard

I went inside with Mason into the sitting room where I saw Jemima
She was holding a gun.

A gun!!!

Where did she get that?

My heart race in fear that you could hear it out loud.

“Oh speaking of the devil, here she comes,husband snatcher well let me make something clear here, I have my Mason or you die”, She yelled as she pointed the gun at me.

I closed up my eyes waiting for my death when I heard the gunshot.
It didn’t hit me!

What Mason????
He took in the bullet for me!

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Collaboration story

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