His Maid Episode 34

👩‍🏭His maid👩🏻‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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🔥Episode thirty four🔥


They rolled his bed out if the ward, while I chased after them.

“pls bring my mason back”,I called out, but they entered a room and slammed the door.

I chased after them, and entered the room.

The lights were off……..

Suddenly, candles light were on.

I couldn’t believe my eyes..

“Mason?”,I muttered.

He was dressed in a nice black tuxedo, and he was kneeling on one leg.

I walked over to him slowly…..

He smiled at me.

“but your….your….”,I stammered.

He ignored the question.

“kylie…my..crazy Kylie…will you make me the happiest man in the world by accepting to be my bride?”,he asked.

oh my gosh, am so shocked.

“yes mason, yes”,I replied.

Mason placed the ring on my finger and people were clapping.

The lights were on…..

“Jemima???”,I said.

She was dressed in a nurse wear.

“whats going on here, even aiden?”,I asked.

“well, you see jemima has changed”,mason said.

“you guys are getting me confused, and you were shot”,I asked, confused.

“ok, let me do the explanation”,jemima said.

“ you see, when aiden and I made love to each other, I realised I was pregnant, and truth be told, I like aiden a lot. Mason wanted to propose to you, so we kinda…..tested your love, sorry. Mason kinda found out that the time you were pretending to be shot, you were not. Intact you were ok, so he deiced to use that same trick on you. Since you know me as your enemy, I was the one to do the pretending, I shot mason alright, but those were fake blood, just like yours. Also, the same doctor that co-operated with you did same and we told you that mason was dead. That’s all”,jemima replied.

“whoah, oh really?”,I said and they laughed.

“awwn, my Kylie was crying like a baby”,mason said and I blushed.

“stop that, you guys really got me”,I replied and they smiled.

“so, what if I had shot Jemima?”,I said and they gasped.

“thank goodness you didn’t cause we didn’t think about that”,Lissy replied.

We all went home.


I got you guys too right?

Kylie thought she is the only one who knows hot to play tricks, well, am a trickster my self…

We got home, everywhere was beautifully decorated.

Well, I arranged a party too!

I gave kylie the dress I bought her.

She quickly went and changed up.

Whaoh! I can’t wait to see her cause she …will be…

Speaking of her…………oh my gosh!

She walked up to me.

“my baby la hot”,I said, licking my lips and she smiled.

“dont you ever trick me again”,she said and I kissed her.

“yes ma”,I replied and she laughed.

All of a sudden, she ran upstairs and threw up.

“kylie, what’s wrong?,”I asked.

“i don’t know. I just feel a little weak and since last week, I have been throwing up. I think am sick”,she said.

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