His Maid Episode 35

👩‍🏭His maid👩🏻‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

✍️collaboration story✍️

😊 Episode thirty five😊

🤰 Kylie 🤰

“I think I’m sick”, I said.

“Tomorrow can you see the doctor”? Mason said.

“Ok I will try”….”, replied.

“That’s my baby girl,now lets go and eat our dinner”. Mason said to me,cuddling me.

We went downstairs and ate our dinner and went back upstairs to Mason’s room.

“I wanna take my bath”, I said .

“Sure ok” …. Mason replied.

I quickly took my bath, dressed up wearing my PJ’s and so did Mason and Mason and I laid on the bed .

I felt dizzy and laid my head on his shoulder and slept off….😴


I kept on looking at her as she slept so peacefully and cute.

I placed her on the bed properly and we slept off.

…next morning🌇…….

I woke up and saw that kylie wasn’t on the bed, I looked for her and called her name.

“Kylie!!!!!!!!”…… then she came out of the bathroom looking cute and a bit pale, dressed up as if she was going out.

“Good morning my love” I said.

“Good morning baby”,…she said.

“Where are you going?”.I asked her.

“I have an appointment with the doctor but before I go I will prepare your food “kylie said.

“Ok let me take my bath while you prepare our breakfast”….I said.

“Ok baby “she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek..

I took my bath and went downstairs waiting for her food then I saw Aiden and greeted him.

“Sup buddy how are you doing?”. I said to Aiden.

I’m good,what of you and your queen?” Aiden asked, chuckling.

“I’m fine,so is she. So what’s popping?”, I asked.

“Dude guess what”!! Aiden said joyfully.

“You got a new contract????”. I said.

“Contracts come rushing to me so I’m not surprised well jemima and i are getting married soon”, Aiden said.

“Wow congrats dude”. I’m so happy for you, send my regards to her”.I said happily.

“Sure so where is the food because I’m perceiving an aroma of deluxe”…. Aiden said.

I laughed

“ok let me tell kylie to get the food”…..I replied.

Kylie then brought the food and greeted Aiden and left for the doctor’s appointment.

…..at the hospital🏥….


“Good morning, please I want to see doctor kim”. I said….

“Ok ma,this way, you go to the door by your left, upstairs door 21.”….the receptionist said.

“Ok”…. I said.

I went and knocked on the door.

“Come in” said the doctor.

“Good morning ma”…..I greeted.

“Good morning dear, how are you doing “…… said doctor kim.

“I’m fine”……….I said.

“What’s your name and state the problem”.the doctor asked.

“My name is Kylie and I’m feeling dizzy and have been throwing up”.I said.

“Ok let me run a test on you”the doctor said.

“Ok let’s go”.I said.

After running the test.

“Ok I have your results, congratulations kylie you are 1 month pregnant”.

“Are you serious, oh my God!!!”.I said happily.

“Yes,you are about to be a mother and you need to take care of yourself by doing less work, resting, eating veggies and come for regular check-up”.the doctor said.

“Ok ma I will, thank you” .I said as she gave me the results.

“Take good care of yourself and come next week for an appointment”. She said.

“Ok ” I said and went back home.

….At home …..

I arrived home and was happy .

“Baby I’m back. I shouted to Mason.

*Kylie !!! He said, what did the doctor say???”,he asked curiously.

“Well see for yourself”, I said to him, giving him the result.

“Oh my God, you’re one month pregnant”. Mason said surprised.

“Yes baby, I’m going to be a mother and your going to be a father”.I said.

“Wow I’m so happy”,he said and hugged me.

“Me too “I said and jumped on him…..

Sorry its short😁😁

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