His Maid Episode 38

👩‍🏭His maid👩🏻‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

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📝Episode thirty eight📝


My child! My child!

I lost my child……my child…….my child…….MY CHILD!

“calm down baby. Pls tell me, how it happened!”,mason asked.

“my child…….my child….I lost my child…..my first unborn child…..”,I said, crying.

“just calm down and tell me exactly what happened”,he said.

“well….I asked Lissy to bring some food for me with a fruit juice. I hadn’t even eaten the food, I just gulped down the fruit juice ……and I…I started bleeding and feeling weak”,I replied, crying.

“what? LISSY!”,he yelled.

She ran in immediately.

“you…you poisoned my fiance”,he yelled.

He walked up to her and was about hitting her….

“mason no…..

“she did this to you…….

“what happened? What happens to you Kylie?”,she asked, moving to touch me…

“don’t you dare touch her”,mason yelled.

“mason, I strongly believe she didn’t do this. If she did, she should in away. In short, what would be her motive?”,I asked, as lisa began to cry.

“lissy, tell me what happened”,mason yelled.


“i swear I didn’t do anything”,I said, crying.

“i said, speak”,mason yelled.

“she asked me to bring some food for her and also make some fruit juice. I made the fruit juice and went to the warehouse to get some food stuffs cause we ran out of some in the kitchen. I prepared the food and brought it to her. That’s all”,I replied.

“LIAR”,mason yelled.

“mason calm down. I know she didn’t do this. Pls. Lissy, pls think, did you notice anything suspicious?”,she asked.


“yea, I did. When I went to the warehouse, through the tiny window, I saw someone dressed in black leaving the premises”,I replied.

“come with me”,mason ordered.

We went to the gate man’s house.

“who did you allow into this place?”,mason asked, holding him by the collar.

“i didn’t let anyone in. I swear”,he replied, frightened.


“The CCTV”,I shouted happily.

“yea”,mason replied and we both went to the control room.

We watched the footage of today.

Someone opened the gate. Seems the person has a spare key.

That’s a feminine figure!

The person sneaked into the kitchen while I left to the warehouse.

The person removed the mask…….oh my gosh.

“ALYSSA”, we both shouted.

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Collaboration story

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