His Maid Episode 39

👩🏻‍🏭His maid👩‍🏭
(Unbreakable bond)

💯Semi finale💯

✍️Collaboration story✍️

📝Episode thirty nine📝


I don’t feel safe here! I think they must have found that am responsible for the death of Kylie’s child…..

I packed my things and walked out, when a gun was pointed to my forehead.

I dropped my bags and lifted my hands in surrender.

“you have the right to remain silent cause anything you say will be used against you in the court of law”, the cops said.

I entered the van and I was jailed waiting for the court’s hearing.

They informed my lawyer and I told him everything and he said he will fight the case.

I regret NOTHING!


I waited in the room, then some minutes later, they both came back.

“what happened?”,I asked.

“uhmn sweetie……just rest. Everything has been taken care of”,mason said.

“i don’t wanna rest. Its our child we are talking about here. What did you find out? Who is behind the death of our child?”,I asked.

“well, its Alyssa”,Lissy replied.

“What!!”,I shouted.

“that’s why I said you should calm down. You need to rest”,mason replied.

“no, I wanna see Alyssa now”,I half yelled.

“ok, come with me”,Mason said and I followed behind.

He entered the car and I sat at the back.

He drove to the station.

“we want to see Alyssa. The girl arrested for the case of murder”,mason replied and the officer led the way

We got there, Alyssa was seated. She stood up as she saw us.

“what do you want?”,Alyssa asked.

“i wanna know why you did this to me”,I asked.

“fuck you”,she cursed and I put my hands in and slapped her.

“i said tell me. I never expected you to do this! At least, not this extent”,I half yelled and she smirked.

“i hate you so much”,she cursed.

“why?”,I asked.

“LEAVE”,she half yelled.

I left immediately!

I hate this girl! I must get justice for my child!


We got home and Kylie freshened up.

She laid on the bed. I freshened up too and laid besides her.

“baby”,I called out.

“what!”,she asked, without looking at me.

I moved her face to my direction.

I kissed her softly and dragged her closer.

I undressed and you know……….😁

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Collaboration story

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